The legendary “Man-moth” hit the video inMassachusetts

One of the most famous, mysterious and unusual cryptoids
America last month reappeared in the US and even got to
video. The human moth is a winged anthropomorphic creature
rights – was seen on October 15 in the American city of Andover,
Massachusetts. Local resident Sarah Bishop returned late
in the evening home and passed by the wasteland. Looking there (traditionally
wary), a woman suddenly noticed a tall and pale figure
with huge wings.

Our heroine was taken aback, but found herself daring to get out of
handbag smartphone and direct the gadget camera to the monster. Turning on
the video below, you can see the intended
The moth-man with his own eyes. Although it was dark
the whitish humanlike silhouette was clearly imprinted on the video.
You can see not only the wings, like a butterfly, but also the head,
torso, arms and legs of a mysterious creature.

The cryptic straightened and folded its wings several times, then
instantly disappeared. The author of these frames proves that the monster
lightning-fast soared into the air, just the camera of the gadget was unable to
to capture all that a woman’s eyes have seen. Bishop turned out to be
at the same time scared and excited about such a discovery. After two
of the week they posted the received record on the well-known video hosting
�”YouTube”. Note that if this is not installation and hoax, then speech
talking about one of the best evidence of existence
legendary flying cryptide.

The moth-man is remarkable for being credited with this monster
supernatural properties. It is claimed that its appearance
strange creature foreshadows tragedy. So, December 15, 1967
years in West Virginia, the Silver Bridge collapsed, as a result
which killed 46 people. Numerous eyewitnesses claimed that
shortly before the catastrophe, they saw on the bridge tower a large creature
like a naked winged man with luminous eyes.

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