�”The Lost World” by Julian Beiliss

English traveler-scientist Julian Beiliss found on our
the planet “the lost world” – a piece of wood where never set foot
human foot, and neither ancient nor modern.

This island of primeval nature was on the round top
basaltic mountains Liko in Mozambique – the site, as if specially
arranged nature, in order to “look” like a separate corner
will develop without a person.

Bayliss found this “lost world” thanks to satellite
photographs. After that, he learned that this untouched piece of forest
located at an altitude of 700 meters and that the local population is not a concept
has about him, because only experienced can climb the mountain
mountaineers with good modern equipment.

The British traveler gathered a team of experienced
mountaineering scientists who were preparing to climb the whole Liko
five years. And this is the long-awaited discovery of the “lost world”

So far, researchers have found only untouched on the top
man, tropical rainforest, somewhat unknown to science
species of butterflies and animals. But … this is just the beginning of the study.
mysterious unknown edge. Therefore, to talk about some
great discoveries and achievements early.

This is the only thing that Julian Beiliss himself told reporters:

�“The Lost World”, opened by us is very similar to the one that
described in the work of the same name by Arthur Conan Doyle with some
small amendments: in his novel there were people-savages and even
dinosaurs, and on the mountain of Liko there is simply no one or the other, and
it was never, apparently, – in this and all the charm, as if we
visited the edge, specially left by nature in the form
experiment: what will happen if flora and fauna develop
here without human intervention …

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