The Lovland Frog is one of the most unusual andmysterious monsters of the world

There is amazing in American Lowland, Ohio
urban legend, every year attracts thousands
cryptozoologists, researchers of supernatural phenomena and simple
tourists who want to tickle your nerves. It is alleged that
the vicinity of this village is inhabited by a 1.2-meter
erect … frog. It sounds, of course, quite absurd, however
Do not rush to conclusions.

Lovland Frog (this name was fixed to it) is
one of the most mysterious and interesting American cryptids.
There are dozens of witnesses who saw this creature with their own
with his eyes, and several times the monster even got into the lenses of the cameras. TO
For example, by including the video below, you can see
presumably, the eyes of the monster, glowing in the pond. With a frog
even encountered local police.

So, this story began in May 1955, when one
traveling salesman was driving at night to Lowland from non-municipal territory
Branch Hill. At some point, the driver saw in the headlights
Machines are three creatures that look like giant frogs. Critters fast
crossed the road, jumped over the bump and disappeared into the dark.
The witness was so scared by this spectacle that he slowed down and
did not budge until it was light.

The next incident happened in 1972 with policeman Ray.
Shocks The officer, who was patrolling the city in the dark, was driving
past a local shoe factory and suddenly noticed a giant
a frog or toad the size of a large dog. The creature crawled out on
the carriageway and, being blinded by the headlights, got on
hind legs, then rushed to the side and ran into the nearest
thickets. Ray followed the creature, but that was gone.

Two weeks later, another local law enforcement officer, Mark Matthews,
collided with a similar animal that again crossed the road
near the aforementioned shoe factory. This time guardian of the law
managed to shoot the creature! Soon came specialists from the state,
who concluded that it was a large iguana without a tail. They
took with them the body of the iguana and all the photographs with the image
mysterious animal, after which no one else heard about the corpse.
Suspicious, isn’t it?

Many residents of Lovlend confirm that they have seen a whole brood
these giant frogs. There is a certain logic to this, because
all beings in the world are mortal, and it is unlikely that the same
the monster caught the eye of eyewitnesses for 63 years. TOак бы то ни
the Lovland frog was noticed here to this day. Skeptics
they consider it to be a common hoax to attract tourists
However, experts are convinced that such monsters in our world are still
exist. Where do they come from and why mythically cleverly hide
from people, this is another question, but to deny their appearance in our
the world will be, to put it mildly, not entirely correct …

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