The magician Alexander Sheps again predicts trouble. But worthbelieve?

In RuNet, the next predictions of the magician Alexander are unwound
Shepsa – now for 2018. And again the sorcerer prophesies trouble for us. But as
otherwise, today only misfortunes and misfortunes can be expected from
the situation that has developed in the world, and both economically and
and politically. And because, as the Russians say, even
fortune teller do not need to go.

What scares us now Sheps? And terrible natural disasters
in Europe, which will force people to seek refuge in Siberia. What else
one great migration of nations?

According to the magician, the global economic crisis will also deepen. But as
in this case, with the mass migration of peoples to Siberia? What kind of
the global economic crisis amid all this you can say –
here we must expect the collapse of the entire world system and civilization as a whole,
probably? And this is all for one year 2018?

Something does not believe in all these horror stories, especially against the background
the prophecies of this “homegrown” oracle for 2017, of which
little has come true. For example, Sheps argued that in Ukraine in 2017
year, the country’s leadership will change, literally saying this: parliament
will retire, and after him the president. And the current leadership
Ukraine, which came to power as a result of a military coup,
something was not very obedient to the Russian psychic and not
wants to leave their seats. And none of them, in that
including President Poroshenko.

Therefore, even favorable predictions for Russia Sheps
cause doubt. True, they are so timidly modest
(the economy of the Russian Federation will gradually go out from under the influence of the dollar,
sanctions will weaken), that they can even be ignored (
background of all the other horror stories). It feels like a psychic is just
�”Had to” give new forecasts, but he no longer believes in them, and
because he is modest with all his might, expressing some vague
predictions are very common phrases – understand, they say, who is like
can, after all exact and concrete things speak simply
impractical: what if it does not come true again? ..

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