The main types of aliens

For a person, appearance has always occupied an important role, and
say that was in the first place. Therefore, there is nothing
reprehensible that first of all mankind
interested in the appearance of aliens, and only then their plans for us
and our planet. Wanting to satisfy the most important curiosity
mankind, ufologists allowed to publish a few pictures
aliens who for some reason practically did not differ from
characters of science fiction films. It is not known why it happened
that aliens on the screen and aliens in reality are alike one
in one, but this fact remains a fact. As for which
types of alien photos you can see at the same moment where
you can see how the aliens themselves pose for ufologists, yet
once publicly stating that they are more than real.

The main types of aliens

Today, ufology has identified the following main types
aliens: gray humanoids, nordic newcomers, ancient and

Gray humanoids are bald creatures about 1.5 meters tall, with
huge black eyes protruding. Representatives of this species
the newcomers most often figure in abduction cases for
barbaric medical experiments.

The ancients are also hostile to people – very thin, praying mantis.
humanoids with yellow-green skin. Gray and ancient often act
together, and confront them with the Nordic aliens. These beautiful
fair-haired creatures that look almost indistinguishable from humans
Perhaps, their goal is to preserve Earth civilization.

Finally, chupacabras, unlike previous types of aliens,
do not possess the mind. These creatures look like large monkeys, with
outgrowths on the head and large, slanting eyes, probably
are the fruit of a foreign genetic experiment

Scandinavians (Nords) – good aliens

Добрые инопланетяне - Скандинавы

Ufologists for many years has developed a classification
main creatures of extraterrestrial origin. They established:
the inhabitants of Sirius, the Pleiades, the Arcturians, and the Lyrans have much in common with
human terrestrial race. Call these creatures nords or
Scandinavians. This kind aliens have a genetic similarity with
divine progenitors of earthlings. Outwardly, they also look like us.
The growth of the Scandinavian – 2-3 meters, he has light hair and skin. Their
distinguishes a harmonious and very beautiful appearance.

They also have a sex difference. In the fight against evil
aliens earthlings can count on the help of the Scandinavians.
It is believed that the Scandinavians are members of the Galactic Federation, their
function – the protection of life on our planet Earth. Cases are known
meeting people with representatives of these creatures, they all ended
either by healing ailments or by discovering in a person a certain

Frequent visitors of the Earth gray aliens?

Серые инопланетяне

According to ufology, the earth has visited for the entire period of its
existence of several races of aliens. But the most frequent
guests who have the most testimony from all
corners of the planet are aliens are gray. Most often they
described by abduction victims. According to many scholars, abductions
committed to study, experiment, test and so
Further. Based on the information received from witnesses, you can
conclude that gray aliens are divided into three more
subcategories that differ not only in growth and
build, but also the structure of the body and head. For example, to subcategory A
include humanoids with a large head and large black eyes,
4.5 feet tall. On the face is missing the nose, the genus – in the form of a gap. They
practically do not express any emotions and aggressively
to people. Aliens of type B are tall, but their faces look like
previous type but they are less hostile to humanity and own
high technology. Trying to influence through
political control and agreements with the authorities to type C include
the lowest for the growth of aliens and more hostile.

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