The man caught in the camera lensotherworldly essence

In the section of the popular social network “Reddit” dedicated to the mysterious
photos and video recordings, an interesting publication appeared, immediately
chained everyone’s attention. User under a pseudonym
Gingafer81 claims to have captured something strange on camera
taking off their pets. This happened back in December.
last year, but the man just now decided to share his
�“Anomalous material” with other Internet regulars.

According to Gingafer81, he has an aquarium with fish in his house, for
which cat loves to watch. On that day, our hero again found
his mustache pet for this occupation and decided to remove it along with
fish. In front of the camera at a certain moment suddenly appeared
big bluish ball. Although the anomaly was visible
just a split second, it was clearly imprinted on
the video below (see below). The most amazing thing is that
the cat also felt the presence of something unusual and shook
head. Here is what the owner of the animal writes:

I have no idea what this could be. Although,
however, I have one unsupported hunch. A few years
a colleague came back to me and said that it was in this house
once lived his great-aunt who died here of cancer.
Maybe it was her ghost? Maybe she decided to stroke my
a cat? In any case, I think it was a kind of energy.
a phenomenon, something like an entity from another world or dimension.

Since this material has spread across the Internet, many
users have left comments for him. Striking in this case
people’s love for cats, since almost everyone who responded to
given a mystical story, they thought it was the cat that became the fault
appearance in the room otherworldly entity. The ghost is a grandmother
or not, the point is not that people write, but someone is invisible
I really wanted to stroke the funny fluffy
who loves fish in an aquarium, or play with him …

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