The man “caught” on the smartphone incomprehensibleghostly whisper in his apartment

One of the users of the popular social network “Reddit” claims
that evil has probably settled in his apartment. Recently, in
the home of our hero began to occur inexplicable events:
objects spontaneously move on shelves and tables at night
windows and doors themselves open, and periodically in the walls
we hear a strange deaf rattle. Simultaneously intrigued
and the puzzled man decided to capture evil spirits on camera.

According to the author of the mysterious publication, who lives completely
one, a few days ago, he literally felt someone else beside him
presence and immediately grabbed the smartphone. Our hero filmed his
the bachelor bedroom, however, did not capture any video
the movement of objects or the appearance of smoky figures, as is usual
happens in these cases. However, when he looked
the resulting clip, his hair began to stir. Microphone
gadget recorded in the room someone’s quiet distorted whisper.

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