The man claims to have traveled in the year 6000and took a picture there

Representatives of the English-language news portal “ApexTV” took
interview with a man who claims to have been far away
future, namely in the 6000 year. Moreover, this individual
reports that he made there one photo, which he with great
Labor managed to take back with us in our time. Supposed
time traveler showed a picture on camera
however, I did not allow to scan it or take it for analysis.

The man, whose identity is not known to journalists, agreed
meet with media representatives in a remote place with indispensable
condition that his appearance and voice will be changed to video. One
in short, this person really does not want anyone to recognize him.
The story told by him is truly impressive, but is it possible
believe? Is the individual in the video below?
went four millennia ahead, or is it just fiction and
a hoax to fool World Wide Web users like
you and me? Or maybe we have the most ordinary crazy?

Unknown traveler in the future

Our hero, let’s call him Martin, tells us that he has become a part
top secret program in the 1990s. He was supposedly one of
experimental, which scientists sent to the distant future. To the past
Naturally, no one was thrown, so as not to change the course of history.
According to Martin, the powerful of this world for several decades
secretly possess the technology of moving in time, constantly
test and improve it. The traveler is sure that
that he himself was in another time and secretly took back what he got there
artifact in the form of a photograph of a futuristic city. what happened with
other subjects, he does not know. In addition to one person …

Our hero was sent in the year 6000 to see how
change by the time the life of earthlings, and came back.
The experiment was very risky for Martin, since
if in 4,000 years mankind was destroyed
or cast off by any kind of cataclysm in the Middle Ages, then technology
time travel would be lost and a man could never
would go back. However, what appeared before your eyes
our hero in the future, struck him to the depths of the soul. During
The interview Martin did not find the right words to describe it.

What does the world look like in the year 6000?

This is what Martin says:

It will be very difficult for me to convince you that I have been to 6000
year If anyone had told me before that it was possible, I
would never have believed this man and would have considered him a liar
or crazy. But I really moved so far in
future. If you only saw how much technology has developed
By that time, this knowledge would just blow your mind. The world has changed
incredibly strong.

Let me draw an analogy. At the end of the 19th century was not yet
invented the first aircraft. If I told you then that in the future
people will fly freely from one point of the planet to another, you would
I did not believe it. If I told you at the end of the 19th century, that
man flies to the moon soon, again you would call me
madman Therefore, what I am about to tell you will sound like
madness, but I assure you that someday it will all come true. It’s a pity,
that you will not live to see this time and will not see everything with your own eyes.
Although if you are rich, then you will have a chance.

So, by the year 6000, medicine had reached such a development that our
existence now, in 2018, looks extremely primitive and
miserable. A cure for cancer will be found already in the current millennium. AT
Teleportation will be developed in 6000, and time travel
available to the general public. People will be able to travel forward.
and back in time, remaining invisible and without affecting the course
stories. This is a much more advanced technology of moving
of time. When I was thrown from the 1990s to the 6000s, I had to
prove to people that I am a stranger from the past, and ask for admission to
машине of time.

However, people of the future will be able to move freely at any time.
and, remaining invisible, it is just as easy to come back. First
scientists tested the time machine on animals, sending it to the future
cats, dogs, monkeys and rats. Then they went to
volunteer people, one of whom I was. Already in 2028
the general public will become aware of this technology, and
experts will openly use it for commercial purposes.
The first “temporary tourists” from among the rich will appear, who for
огромные деньги смогут перемещаться в future. Today look like
way things are with space tourists.

By the year 6000, the government will be replaced by the government
advanced artificial intelligence. This AI is smarter and better
than all the people of the planet, and makes the most correct decisions,
guided by logic, not emotions, as leaders today are from among
people. AI will predict quadrillions of development options.
future and choose with each decision most
favorable. If desired, anyone can upload their
consciousness in AI and live forever, becoming part of this amazing
computer. This way you could fly around all the time.
ATселенную и впитать знания, накопленные человечеством за всю его
long history. Yes, today humanity does not know whether it is right
enters, improving artificial intelligence. But be
calm: no rebellion of cars will ever happen. we
purposefully create an AI that will develop
alone and serve only for the benefit of us.

Mysterious photography from the future

Next, Martin showed the operator the same shot that
he, he says, received in the year 6000 and secretly took back to his
time. If you believe a man, the picture shows the city of the future,
however which one, our hero refuses to say. The photo
was blurred because when the traveler returned
back, the image has been damaged.

If you look closely, the picture can be considered
fantastic buildings amid distant hills and something like
large “flying saucer” in the air. Is it really a photo
from the future? It looks suspiciously like imagination.
science fiction writer of the middle of the last century, but who knows: maybe
It was the first authors of science fiction who foresaw the distant

Unexpected Time Traveler Recognition

During своего интервью Мартин неожиданно расплакался и
admitted that he went to the future not one. ATместе с ним в 6000
year got his best friend who also volunteered for
this experiment. When the buddies intended to return
back, there was a failure in the time machine, and our friend
the hero stayed there. More precisely, Martin himself thinks so. Not out
that his friend simply refused to leave this utopian reality and
decided to stay in it. Maybe he even loaded his mind into
supercomputer, that it existed forever.

However, it could happen and irreparable – for example, a man could
accidentally split into atoms while trying to go back.
Martin claims that in the 90s, when the time machine is only
invented, it often happened with experimental animals, which
перемещали всего на несколько минут в future. However, in 6000
year machine must be perfect, so it’s unlikely
that she demonstrated such faults, especially since
her irreproachable work follows the AI, and not the person. The man
hopes that in 2028 he will be allowed to use the machine,
so that he returns to the year 6000 and continues to live there, like his
lost close friend. He lives today only this
hope …

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