The man has experienced a rare “innerdecapitation”

22-year-old resident of the state of Indiana USA Brock Meister considers himself
one of the luckiest people on the planet. In infancy, he barely
did not suffocate, but … survived, at 16 he was successfully cured of
malignant brain tumor, and this year suffered the so-called
«внутреннее decapitation”, которое практически всегда приводит к
instant death.

However, our hero survived again and slowly but surely went on
amendment. Today he can already lead a normal life. As if
nothing was like that …

And it was like that. At the beginning of this year, an American got into
a car accident as a result of which his skull was completely
separated from the spine. The man went with friends to the lake, and
car skidded on an icy road. Seat belt not
kept Brock, and he struck the car window with his head. First maister
did not even understand what happened and wanted to leave the car, however the body
did not obey him. The friends of the victim immediately called medical

The doctors in the hospital initially did not believe their eyes when
saw that the patient actually survived decapitation, and his head
It was connected to the body only with patches of skin and muscles. Neurosurgeon
Kashif Sheikh (who, by the way, deleted Brok in his teens
the tumor) and his colleagues sewed Maester’s nerves for long hours,
blood vessels and other tissues. Skull and spine
the victim were re-connected with a special titanium
by construction.

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