The man-moth flew in to bring horror intoTexas

The moth-man who literally terrorized in the last
время жителей Чикаго, теперь вдруг появился в Texasе. Chicago
is it montana or a few of them flying around the united states

But what is interesting: unlike other mystical creatures,
like, say, yeti or chupacabra, this monster is somehow out of bounds
America does not crash, although it seems to him to do it much easier
than the snowman. However, it is not for us to judge
capabilities of these mysterious entities, especially since, according to
one of the theories they come into our physical reality from
parallel worlds. Maybe there are many of these worlds, and a portal with where
Montana are found only in America? ..

Но вернемся в штат Texas, где и произошла очередная встреча с
Moth man It happened two days ago early in the morning.
(almost at night) in the city of Ballinger. Here is what he writes about himself
a witness who conditionally called himself JF (as he signed in
a letter about the incident, which sent a well-known researcher
similar paranormal phenomena to Lon Strickler):

I woke up from the frantic barking of my pit bull terrier.
He was even frightened slightly: the thieves would probably climb into the house, and therefore he took
shotgun and went outside. The dog literally broke with the chain, had to
even untie him, so as not to break the chain. I myself walked a little from
porch and then … I saw it. Man is not a man, but something strange
stood on the roof of a neighboring house. At this time, the pit bull terrier tried
jump over the fence, so the creature on the roof apparently drew on
this attention and noticed me. His eyes flashed awful
yellow-red light, why I felt uncomfortable. Next
the moment this monster is on the roof, to my great surprise,
spread his wings very similar to the wings of a bat (only
huge, thanks to the lantern I could well consider all this), and
soared into the sky. On a slightly gray morning sky this creature
looked especially creepy. And it somehow fascinated consciousness.
When I came to my senses, there was no one else – neither in heaven nor on earth,
and only my dog ​​was rubbing against my legs and slightly squealing …

A resident of Ballinger is also a weaver in the letter that growth in this
the monster was at least two meters, and the wings in a span – meter
four. And these wings are clearly alive, they dealt very
harmoniously and easily, as straightens them, for example, a bird or the same
bat. But the main thing, from Chicago Montana came some
diabolical hypnosis when you forget about everything. American,
he admits that he is even talking about his shotgun that he was holding,
remembered only when this monster has long disappeared from the eyes.
Probably for this reason, no one can still mothman
then take a picture normally, much less take off on
video camera …

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