The man who alone transformed his surroundingsworld

Bangladeshi resident Abdul Samad Sheikh recently turned 60
years, and he earns additionally rickshaws on the streets of his hometown
Faridpura. His salary is very small, but Abdul himself
he admits that he does not need much money. Have this amazing
man has a purpose to which he devoted his whole life. And began
this story is when the 12-year-old Abdul decided that every day
will plant at least one tree to transform the desert
the area around.

�”Woody Samad”, as the residents of Faridpur call it, gets
for their work rickshaws are about 100 so a day (approximately 1.25
dollar). This money is barely enough to feed the family,
however, Abdul manages to save money to buy at least
One seedling in the agricultural center.

Abdul Samad admits: his habit of planting wood on a day
so strong that if for some reason he is not able to
do it, then all night long can not sleep. And then on
the next time he has planted two trees. All of his “wards” grow on
state-owned land and it saves them from
cutting down. Abdul watering his trees regularly and carefully
caring for them. If he sees someone breaking branches, then
outraged and rises to defend their “green pets.” Abdul
says he loves everything alive, but trees are something to him

In the family of “woody Samad” four children. When he decides on
that to spend the money earned for the day, it always gives
the priority of buying seedlings, for which he is often scolded by his wife Jorn.
А вот тридцатилетний сын Abdulа, напротив, гордится им и считает,
that the father is engaged in a wonderful, necessary for the public business.

Жители Фаридпура знают об увлечении Abdulа, многие с самого
childhood remember him plant trees. All this life
planted them at least 17.5 thousand!

In life, “woody Samad” is very modest. His neighbor says that
Abdul сам по себе исключительно отзывчивый и добрый и всегда
trying to help other people.

When the story of the extraordinary Bangladeshi rickshaw got
fame, the edition of The Daily Star gave him financial assistance
(1000000 так или 1253 доллара), дабы помочь Abdulу построить
a decent home for your family …

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