The mayor of the French city of Briollet issued a decree onbanning mosquitoes in his department

No matter how strange and surprising, but the mayor of a small
the French town of Briollet Henri Marchand issued a unique decree
according to which mosquitoes are prohibited in his department.

The fact is that after the June storms and floods, and then
steady heat wave in many French departments
residents were attacked by hordes of mosquitoes, from which there is simply no
living This is the situation in Briolle, which is why the citizens
literally did not allow the mayor to pass, demanding that he take some
measures against blood-sucking insects. And the mayor, after all,
banned mosquitoes.

This, of course, a fun decision, almost a joke, is recognized
Henri Marchand told reporters, but thanks to her I made it clear
to their fellow citizens that they are powerless against mosquitoes, with their
invasion, which is due to Mother Nature herself. Many
residents of the city immediately understood this joke, its meaning and purpose – and
I stopped calling about it.

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