The medieval witch of Englandcalled mother Shipton

Mother Shipton, or the medieval British witch, is one of
most interesting personalities in the history of England. About her still goes
a lot of legends, which at one time collected by the historian
Richard Head.

According to some researchers of the heritage of Mother Shipton, this
was the greatest prophetess of her time, of all she
left eighteen prophecies, sixteen of which are already
come true. Moreover, we must bear in mind the prophecies of world significance,
since mother Shipton has seen every person through and through
unmistakably tell all his further fate, including
date of death.

She was born by the widow Agatha Southale, who lived in a small English
Knaresborough village – a woman that the villagers did not like and
considered a witch, although often used her services, say,
fortune telling This Agatha and earned a living. Walked up girl
the widow, as rumors were going, from the devil, because before that to her became
to go back at night someone horned and with a goat beard. Is not it
it or not, but after the birth of Agatha immediately dies, and the girl
was born very ugly: Ursula (as she was called a little
later) had a huge mouth, hooked nose and bulging eyes.
Add to this acne all over the body – and a real toad!

The formation of a medieval witch – the prophetess

Ursula’s magical abilities her guardian noticed back in
infancy, and when the girl began to grow up, then in the house where she
brought up, and the devil knows what happened: she herself
furniture was moving, things were disappearing, some
inexplicable phenomena … In a word, at the age of 16 the girl was forced
escape from the village and settle in an abandoned forester’s house. Here
she somehow seduced a handsome carpenter Tobias Shipton,
who married this freak, despite all the entreaties of his relatives and
close ones. Here же Урсула стала записывать свои пророчества, отчего
and soon became known as the great witch.

No wonder that her “witchcraft” entered
a collective complaint to the court, and Madame Shipton would certainly please
bonfire But at the trial, Ursula colorfully described the fate of each
accuser, and then with a laugh flew out the window. Servants of the Law
They were so shocked and scared by this that they left the sorceress
Shipton alone.

Despite the lack of exact dates, when and what will happen,
Mother Shipton (as she was called much later) was predicted by the great
fire in London, the crystal house that will cause the war
1851 between Russia and Turkey. She already in the XVI century knew about
To tobacco and potatoes, which will arrive in Europe from America, about struggle
women of the 20th century for their rights about television, submarines and
airplanes, as well as many other things that exactly turned. Even
the current war in the Middle East, in which, as broadcast
medieval witch, will be drawn into all the world powers.

According to researchers of the inheritance of mother Shipton, until
only her two prophecies were fulfilled, both related to natural
cataclysms. From the surface of the Earth, the witch wrote, water will disappear
resources, and from the seabed a new land will appear. Many believe that
Mother Shipton had in mind Atlantis, whose revival in
the future is entirely possible, as are problems with fresh water on
the planet.

And while historians are wondering what will happen from the fact that
predicted medieval witch, tourists rush to visit the crypt and
Mother Shipton’s house, which, allegedly, according to her own instructions, never
should not be destroyed so that she can keep people from coming
disasters. Or maybe it’s just an ordinary legend, supported
locals in order to attract tourists …

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