The Megatsunam prophecy beginscome true?

Catholic mystic and conspirologist Emmett O’Regan (Emmett
O’Regan) warned that between September 23 and October 13
сего года произойдет мегацунами (кстати, срок уже прошел),
which will be at least 650 meters high, and this giant
the wave will cover the USA. Will cause her earthquake on the Canary Islands,
causing the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which
eventually collapse into the ocean, giving rise to an unprecedented
power tsunami.

Approaching October 13, but everything seems calm. But no, for
the last two days, as reported by the National Geographic
Institute of Great Britain, La Palma Island (La Palma) in the Canaries
shakes incessantly. And although the pushes are not very strong yet (no more
2.7 points on the Richter scale), but 40 pieces in 48 hours is
catastrophically a lot. Here is what the employee says on this occasion.
Institute Maria Jose Blanco:

All these shocks say only one thing: the volcano is waking up
Cumbre Vieja, which essentially forms this island. Seismologists
sound the alarm because the eruption of the island fire-breathing monster
can happen at any time, causing the Canary government
islands have already prepared an emergency relief plan for the population and
evacuating him in case of serious danger.

Note that Cumbre Vieja last erupted in 1979,
why its consequences are well studied. Eruption accompanied
earthquake and tsunami rushing across the Atlantic to the shores
America, and its main blow falls on the USA – these are waves not less
20-25 meters high. However, if, according to the prophecy, the volcano
will collapse into the ocean, then a wave can already reach North America
650-1500 meters high. And it will be a real apocalypse for

Emmett O’Regan’s words could not be believed, if not
Lucia’s famous third prophecy: the girl was given a vision of
terrible tsunami that will happen after the collapse of the mountains in the Canaries
and which in a few hours will wash America. This, according to
prediction happens exactly one hundred years after the last
�”Divine” eclipse in the Portuguese village of Fatima, which
happened on October 13, 1917 …

Read more about mega-tsunami, which will destroy on October 13, 2017
USA, read on our site.

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