The missing man 3 years built by decreealien landing pad for UFO

Almost a decade ago, ordinary Swiss Werner Jaysley
unexpectedly left his homeland and moved to live in Argentina, where
I bought myself an impressive piece of land and began to lay out on it
incomprehensible huge figures of stones. Subsequently, the man revealed
around your secret. The hermit told that in Switzerland with him
representatives of extraterrestrial civilization telepathically
who instructed him to go to South America for an important

Complicated pattern on the ground, which can be seen here from a height
bird’s eye view, is, according to Werner,
landing pad for space craft aliens.
It is noteworthy that the Salta desert, where he settled in 2008
Jasley, is considered a place that constantly attracts unidentified
flying objects. Mysterious lights in the sky and
gravitational anomalies, hear strange vibrating sounds and
loud unexplained claps. And now here also appeared
an airfield for aliens …

True, it is not known to the general public whether
so far at least one UFO is an amazing hermit landing area.
The Swiss never revealed to the journalists this secret, however
willingly told them about what happened to him on November 24, 2008
of the year. It was night and the man suddenly saw two glowing from the window
ball that swept about 200 meters above the river. Then
one of them sharply released a thin beam of light that literally
crashed into the consciousness of our hero.

Werner clearly heard the amazing
the inhuman voice that ordered him to erect in a certain
Point of Earth port for receiving aircraft. After this night
man’s life turned upside down. He quickly changed citizenship and
settled near the desert, where he erected several 50 meters in diameter
stars of dark and light stones. In recent years, this place
has become a very popular attraction among
travelers and ufologists.

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