The MKS camera again captured the anomaly in orbitOf the earth

The famous Taiwanese specialist in the field of ufology and
Conspirology Scott Waring made another interesting April 12
find The researcher watched a live broadcast from a webcam on
aboard the International Space Station and unexpectedly noticed in
frame mysterious flying anomaly. In the lens recorder
The device hit an oblong glowing UFO of rainbow colors.
Scott hastened to share his discovery with web users.

This is what the ufologist says:

This unidentified object appeared near the ISS and “spat out” a large
ball, which rapidly approached the orbital station. After
This mother ship disappeared from sight, that is for certain passed
in camouflage mode. The aliens do not give up, friends. They will
continue to send us similar small messages in different
частях Of the earth и за ее пределами, дабы человечество понимало, что оно
not one in the universe. If you see a UFO, this is not
just. Aliens want us to capture them in the photo and
video. They certainly want us to know about them, because in
Otherwise, they could just be invisible. it
governments want to hide from us any information about extraterrestrial
civilizations so that we do not expect help from there. Powers that be
want us to feel lonely in this vast
Universe, and therefore completely helpless. And this is not

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