The MKS camera captured seven simultaneouslyUFO

Ufologists from the foreign community “Conspiracy Depot” shared
with the world interesting news. Исследователи UFO и внеземных
civilizations claim that they watched a live broadcast from March 31
International Space Station webcams and unexpectedly noticed
in the frame as many as seven unidentified flying objects.

Experts do not argue that all of these were cosmic
the ships of the “green men”, however, deny the reality that
hit the lens of the recorder, they also can not. Here is
what the authors of the find write:

Появления UFO с каждым месяцем увеличиваются как на
Earth, so in the near space from it. We believe our planet
is a huge laboratory that is constantly monitored
intelligent alien beings, even from ancient times. we
We are confident that they are not hostile towards us, however we also do not
We believe that they intend to help us in something. With those
the technology that aliens possess they could destroy
Earth in the blink of an eye, but they do not. And this is definitely
OK. Aliens are just watching us, they may well have
certain connection with individuals or even whole
governments, and someday will definitely go for
full contact with humanity.

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