The MKS camera caught its lens againhuge ufo

How ufologists joke, it is still unknown who caught: the camera or
tireless explorers of space and UFOs, constantly monitoring
video broadcast from the International Space Station? Because
a little gape – and NASA immediately cuts down the broadcast from the ISS, when
camera lenses get these mysterious objects.

This time, one of the ufologists managed to record the resulting
image of a UFO near the ISS. What is it, the researcher asks,
put the material in the world wide web? This is a spaceship or
just some mysterious object that may be earthly

Some Internet users think it’s just
glare of light, some natural reflections on the glass
porthole, but with other users completely disagree.
For example, one of them says that it’s too clear to reflect
and a certain image, obviously of some object approaching
to the station. By the way, this is not the first time, and the UFO is very
similar (see second video, older).

But the response of NASA employees is even more similar and predictable.
which for some reason immediately turn off the live broadcast from the ISS and
show blue screen. They are what, glare scare or after all
this is something extraterrestrial, mysterious, and therefore inaccessible
(according to NASA scientists) to the general public? ..

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