The MKS camera spotted an unidentified objectflying at great speed

Unidentified space objects webcam MKS fix
quite often, so the lack of similar materials on the web
Internet is not observed. However, NASA employees have never
did not comment on such a surprising activity of UFOs near
international space station.

Why NASA? Yes, because it is American webcams
installed on the ISS, it is the “assistant” US agencies in case of anything here
disable them, so ufologists turn their questions to
NASA staff. But … rarely get answers to them, lately
time even unintelligible became difficult to wait …

Here and the next UFO on fantastic huge speed cut through
outer space against the backdrop of the Earth. As a rule, similar
moments that still manage to fix the station cameras and
record tireless ufologian observers, specialists
US agency is unable to catch (to turn off

Unfortunately, just such scanty fragments caught with a large
by labor, mainly presented by ufologists for public review
– Everything else is obviously gathering dust in the archives of NASA.

But even this little leads to the following conclusions:

  • the station is interested in aliens, and therefore their devices are constantly
    fly next to her;
  • UFOs that fix the cameras of the ISS, are very diverse
    forms (came across even in the form of jellyfish), all sorts of sizes and
    differ in speed of movement;
  • Station cameras often catch very large alien ships,
    who are not at all interested in the ISS, but enter the Earth’s atmosphere or,
    on the contrary, they are sent from our planet to far space.

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