The monster hit the video in Paraguay

The video below was taken a few days.
back in the South American Republic of Paraguay. Many regulars
The World Wide Web recognized these frames as mysterious and frightening.
The video depicts a boy who sits at a table amid the forest and
talking to mother. It would seem unremarkable
scene, but observant users of the Network immediately noticed in it
something suspicious.

At a certain moment, family-owned dogs suddenly
start to bark at the trees near the house. And for
large tree, located strictly behind the child, suddenly
some movement begins. At first, something appears from behind the trunk
resembling a long paw or tentacle. Some commentators
They say that this thing looks like an elephant’s trunk, but it’s obvious
that there are no elephanta nearby. What is it then?

Then something even more amazing happens. Because of the tree on
a large head and part of the unknown torso pop out for a couple of seconds
creature! Rejecting the theory with an elephant, we can assume that it is
about a big monkey like an orangutan. However, it is also
unlikely because in the wild orangutans are under
endangered and not at all near
human dwellings. Local residents have a different version.
what happened.

Among the many peoples of South America is widely known legend
creepy creature called pombero. Pombero is described as
high anthropomorphic creature with thick dark hair. It
is a kind of prankish and lustful troll,
abducting beautiful women. A couple of years ago, the Internet circled
news of a resident of the argentine city of Santa Clara, which
alleged that Pombero was allegedly raped and that some
some time later, this woman even gave birth to a child from him. However further
rumors it all did not go, that is, the mysterious story did not
received a sequel. And today, a new sensation – Pommero
is returning.

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