The most ancient and amazing things thatfind archaeologists

Every thing we use or that surrounds our
reality has a long history. Scientists of course with
joy would have traced such a story, with each object and
certainly since its inception. However it is practically
is impossible. Therefore, if we are talking about the most ancient things, then we
we mean that the older ones are simply not found yet, and maybe
will never be discovered (in the title picture – Sinai
Codex, the oldest book on paper, 4th century).

So, here are just some of the oldest, most interesting.

Oldest denture

Near the Egyptian city of Luxor, archaeologists have found ancient
burials, among which was the burial of a woman who lived in this
area more than three thousand years ago. And although this one is already a big one
good luck for historians, but the scientists in this find were struck by a prosthesis,
who was on the leg of the woman. It turns out that already in that distant time
There were medical specialists who could make
artificial leg for man.

Apparently, the woman for some reason lost part of the right
feet with a thumb. Doctors of Ancient Egypt managed to make
her wooden prosthesis with a whole system of belts for fixing it
on the foot. Today it is the most ancient prosthesis that
ever been found by archaeologists.

Oldest ball

Usual football or volleyball for us, of course,
also has its own long history, which is simply impossible
to trace. However, today the oldest ball is considered
which is about five hundred years old. He was found quite by accident in
Scottish medieval castle Stirling, which served as a place
residence and coronation of many kings.

It turns out that the royal persons were not averse, like the modern
people drive on the lawn ball. This unique item is found in
during the restoration of the castle’s roof, the oldest ball was stuck between the boards,
most likely, getting here during the game, and so hung a few
centuries, since for the owners of the castle he apparently did not represent
great value.

This ordinary ball is made from the bladder of a pig, in which
dry grass was stuffed. As you can see, the technology of making balls
It was far from modern, hence the quality is not so hot. But
Today, there would be quite a few hunters driving across the field this ancient
ball Well, I think it’s not difficult at all, it would be
a wish.

The oldest musical instrument

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