The most cloned dog in the world hasfifty “copies”

Miracle Milli, a 6-year-old female Chihuahua from Puerto Rico, was
is listed the other day in the Guinness Book of Records as the most cloned
dog in the world. South Korean scientists from a private company succeeded
create almost fifty genetically (and, of course, externally)
identical copies of the animal. However, this is not the first time this
the dog broke the world record.

Sooam Biotech Research in Seoul is successfully engaged in
cloning pets for the past 12 years, despite the different
kind of criticism to your address. Last year, researchers contacted
owner Miracle-Millie Vanessa Semler and offered the woman
put a clone of a unique dog on the stream. Vanessa answered
by consent

Yes, Miracle Milly is not an ordinary Chihuahua. In 2012 she
was recognized as the smallest dog on the planet. Experts from
The Republic of Korea not only wanted to create many clones of this
animal, but also solve the mystery of its tiny growth. Since August
In 2017 genetics got 49 Miracle Milli clones, and all of them
turned out just as tiny as she.

Koreans use the same 50-year-old technology that was used.
for cloning the famous sheep Dolly. As with her,
making copies of chihuahuas was achieved by transplanting nuclei
somatic cells in the cytoplasm of oocytes. Each received
the embryo was placed in a surrogate mother, which is not even necessarily
was to be a dog of the same breed. Only small dimensions are important.
such a bitch.

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