The most dangerous stairs of the world

In the world there are many quite dangerous for human life stairs. In this
article we will tell only about some, without exaggeration,
fantastic rises, which can not overcome

The staircase of the Angkor Wat Temple Complex in Cambodia

To the topmost temple here you can get, climbing up
steep stone stairs with a slope of 70 degrees. Usually,
people in this case help themselves with ropes. The ladder is made so
steep and dangerous, as guides assure, not by chance: people should
remember how hard it is to go to heaven. And go down with them? It’s for
many tourists becoming even more challenging …

Cable ladder to the top of Half House in the USA

To climb the famous mountain peak Half House, that
located in Yosemite National Park in California, you
will have to overcome 10 kilometers of wilderness, which to
it is getting steeper and steeper and at the last stretch of 100 meters
turns into a very steep and dangerous rope ladder. Pass
for it no more than 300 people a day, and they all get
special equipment for safety, but no one
will not provide a cure for fear.

Inca steps in Peru

To climb to the Temple of the Moon on the mountain Uayna-Picchu in Machu Picchu,
need to overcome the steep stone stairs that was built
about 500 years ago. First, the stairs are old and therefore
unsafe. Secondly, on the one hand it is wet stone
the wall, and on the other – the abyss over the Urubamba River. True by getting
up to the top, you can enjoy fantastic views of the ruins
ancient city, but … soon you will have to go down the same
creepy staircase back. Every morning to the temple can only rise
400 people – this is the limit set by the local

Heavenly staircase to Mount Huashan in China

Even more impressive is the heavenly staircase for one
of the five mountains of Taoism in the PRC, namely, Huashan. It is practically
vertical ascent of stone steps, the number of which
nobody knows, because everyone who started counting them is already
soon forgot about this stupid occupation: when your life hangs on
hair – not to count already. But climbing this hellish ladder
many tourists do not even suspect that in front of them no less
a terrible walk along a three-board walkway over an abyss enclosed
only a chain that is scary to hold on to as far as all this seems
old and unreliable. And all this in order to top Huashan
see the magnificent tea house and admire stunning from there
kind of. However, many do not get pleasure from it, because
burdened by the fear of the upcoming journey …

Staircase of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​Spain

At first glance, it seems that the Catholic spiral staircase
The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona represents nothing
serious. But this is not going to enter it, because these
amazing stairs built here (unique creations
the famous Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi) in the form
spring toys Slinky. There are not even railings on this staircase, which
can protect a rising person from falling. And fall to
the basis of these wonderful steps is very simple …

Hawaii State Haiku Stairs in the USA

This is the most dangerous staircase in the world since it consists of
almost 4 thousand metal steps, each of which can
cost you your life is so shaky and unsuitable for
lifting. This staircase was built in 1942 for laying
military communications, but it has long been abandoned. No wonder
that climb the haiku stairs to the top kulau hawaiian
Oahu has long been banned (since 1987), for this purpose even below
security is on display, and for violation you can be completely imprisoned.
However, this circumstance does not stop desperate tourists
who go to the top early in the morning, while the guards are still sleeping,
since there is not just a great view from there, you can
still swing on the most terrible swing in the world – right above

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