The most interesting UFO videos shot inthe last days

Some ufologists claimed that the greatest number
amazing UFOs will be shot in the United States during full
solar eclipse. But it turned out far from it. Frankly
speaking, no more or less interesting video from
North America never appeared on the Runet. And then blame
Russian-speaking researchers aliens and their ships can not be.
Apparently, for the aliens, the eclipse was not as interesting as this.
trumpeted Americans.

And here are some UFO videos that appeared later
that is, last week (and by no means all of them are from the USA) can
to interest many. So, get to know …

Craze smartphones can lead to amazing
meeting ufo

A very interesting video has been received from the People’s Republic of China, which was filmed on a regular basis.
Chinese youth who were traveling in a car and with nothing to do
played mobile devices: who viewed on a smartphone
pictures or new games, who “traveled” on the Internet, and
here’s a young man sitting behind the driver’s seat, just filmed on
video happening. Perhaps only the girl car enthusiast in it
time did not hold the mobile device in hands that allowed the car
move without incident. But the adventure still waited for this
company …

Since the guy was shooting not only the salon with friends, but sometimes
directed the camera and out the window of the car, at some happy moment
his smartphone snatched a strange object flying across the sky. At the very
the operator did not have the slightest doubt that this device
aliens, about which he began to scream hard, drawing attention to
UFO throughout the company.

He succeeded, and thanks to his luck, we can observe how
the strange object not only fell, but also disappeared behind the nearest
trees, clearly landing. Understood it and in the car, why immediately
she was stopped and excited young people literally rushed into
side of the greenery, behind which the UFO disappeared.

And then … see for yourself, this is just a unique video, or
filming about the arrival of aliens …

UFO live on the background of the Capitol building

However, no less surprising can be called a video
received recently from the United States, whose author claims that in direct
live TV on the background of the building
The capitol suddenly swept over at a tremendous speed UFO.

The speed, of course, is not so huge, if the device is not bad
can be viewed even with normal video rewind, however
There is something amazing, why many users of video hosting
YouTube, on which this material appeared, did not particularly believe in his
authenticity. Some even suggested that the camera just
a bird hit, however, if you still slow down the video broadcast, then
can consider that this is some kind of technical flying
device, but not a living thing.

For Russian UFOs – no complaints

It is quite another thing – a UFO, shot above the city near Moscow
Korolev. Here, of course, there are no such stunning effects as in
previous videos (especially Chinese), but “caught” in
the night sky is a fiery flying object, interesting because
as if dancing in the sky. It’s not by chance that many users
characterized – dancing lights. What is it, nobody knows
but judging by the cries of eyewitnesses in the video, sensitive women
even such a manifestation of the alien mind scares and leads to
real ecstasy We look and we are trying to feel the unusual
the state of people caused by the appearance of a UFO in the sky.

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