The most massive people eating crocodiles

People are constantly suffering from these evil, insidious and very
bloodthirsty predators. It is even believed that the crocodile, unlike
all other wild animals cannot be tamed, so much so –
devilish creation. However, individual cases of human friendship and
crocodile did occur in history, on our website you can find
an amazing story about it, however like, as they say,
great exception to the rule. Most often happens just
the opposite …

But the most massive people eating crocodiles was marked
the night of February 19-20, 1945. This happened during the second
world war.

As it is known, the Burmese operation began on January 14, 1945.
under the name “Matador”. In those days, British troops landed on
Rampi Island in order to capture the airfield and the port, which were
in the north of this piece of land. The island was guarded by a Japanese garrison,
which gradually began to be pushed back by the British army

Until February 19, fierce battles were fought here, after which
the Japanese were forced to flee south trying to connect with their
allies. The British did everything they could to make their opponent
retreat through the ominous mango swamps of Rampi. Mosquitoes, snakes and
scorpions, of which there was plenty on the island, will soon seem
Japanese real trifle.

On the night of February 19-20, they were attacked by an enemy much more terrible.
even compared to British troops – ridged crocodiles,
and there were so many of them here in the swamps that as a result of the night
attacks of these predators killed more than a thousand people. All these
the unfortunates were simply eaten by bloodthirsty reptiles. After
of this terrible alligator feast, the British only captured
three officers and 22 soldiers, and those were pretty bitten

Bloodthirsty crocodiles are also distinguished by cannibalism.

Thanks to modern digital technology, when everyone
man in the pocket is almost a video camera (on
smartphone), people began to shoot the most violent scenes that
played out between crocodiles and their victims. But here’s what
surprisingly, these terrible reptiles are not averse to dine and their
brothers, especially if the struggle between them flares up – whether for
leadership, then for a place in the sun.

This is exactly the scene of cannibalism that took off at the beginning of April of this year.
49-year-old Bill Jan from the Australian city of Alice Springs during
fishing on the river in the vicinity of the city of Darwin. Bill and his son
Mitchell was so amazed at this scene when the larger and
a strong alligator completely ate a defeated fellow, that
Recognizing themselves, they managed to remove almost only the final act.
this tragedy.

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