The most polluted plastic island in the islandthe world – a UNESCO World Heritage Site

This is an uninhabited island of the Pacific Ocean – Henderson. And
hard to reach and at the same time the dirtiest island in the world because
its beaches are literally littered with plastic debris.

It is true that Henderson’s UNESCO World Heritage Site
certainly not for this reason, just this atoll possesses
huge intact deposits of phosphate formed by underwater
volcanoes, which created the island itself tens of thousands of years ago.
In addition, it is inhabited by rare species of birds and animals,
Plants grow, and some of them are endemic.

Henderson belongs to the UK, it opened in 1606,
however, its current name was received much later – in 1819
the year when the fleet of England headed by the captain

Despite the fact that the island is considered uninhabited, on it
found caves with graves of people and cave paintings, then
there are ancient inhabitants here once were. Where did they come from
the island and why it was abandoned, it remains a mystery to scientists.
There is only an assumption that the inhabitants of this atoll are unknown
reasons moved to the neighboring island of Pitcairn, where today
lives a little less than fifty people.

But an even bigger mystery for researchers is this one.
comprehensive island plastic trash. He seems to be
there is simply no place to take, except from passing by
ships atoll or from the neighboring island of Pitcairn, which is located
200 kilometers away. But this is unlikely, too much plastic
Henderson has accumulated, mostly in standard packages,
as if someone is bringing him here specially (but an island like us
mentioned, hard to reach).

Sea currents, of course, is still a mystery, especially since
none of the British scientists full-scale studies from where
desert island as much garbage did not produce. Looking at all,
it is of little concern to UNESCO officials, who, though announced
Henderson’s world heritage, yes, apparently, right there about him

And at this time on the island there is a real
ecological disaster that is gradually ruining the animal and
the flora of this small atoll in the Pacific Ocean, in that
including destroying Henderson’s unique endemics …

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