The most powerful hurricanes are controlled fromAntarctica

This is the conclusion reached by independent researchers who suddenly
noticed that between the visual microwave radiations,
shown by the MIMIC service on their satellite imagery, and
global natural disasters, say, hurricanes and
earthquakes, there is a certain dependence.

For example, before last year’s terrible hurricanes Harvey and Irma,
which hit the US, strange wave appeared first
колебания – рябь, начинающаяся от Antarctica, которая потом шла
down to the coast of North America.

But maybe this is just a coincidence? Or a strange anomaly has occurred.
due to defects in the radar performance of MIMIC satellites? The specialists
they do not exclude this, but they are surprised that this supposedly “random
Anomaly “is repeated today, and it clearly controls the tropical
Hurricane Hector, who is increasingly gaining strength, heading for
Hawaiian Islands – again to the United States.

Подобная рябь от Antarctica тянется и к тайфуну Шаньшань,
hit Japan. Do researchers exclaim
Hurricanes, like other catastrophes on the planet, someone controls?
And this management is clearly in Antarctica.

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