The most unusual sailed to the shores of Canadaiceberg

Говорят, что самые красивые и фантастические icebergи можно
to observe in the Antarctic, however for tourists it is too far and
virtually impossible, therefore the best place in the world to observe
за необычными icebergами считается побережье Канады – в частности
near Newfoundland and Labrador. The other day you could see
особенно примечательный iceberg (смотрите снимки).

Появился этот уникальный iceberg как раз между южным берегом
the islands of Newfoundland and the east coast of Labrador, where
находился, так называемая туристами, Аллея icebergов, или Долина
icebergов. It is here that carries the current from Greenland through the northern
baffin’s sea and then down the atlantic ocean the most
amazing ice blocks that move through the water
speed of no more than seven kilometers per hour.

В наиболее удачные «icebergовые сезоны», сказывают, в этой
fantastic Valley you can watch up to 800 all kinds of ice
boulders, that is, of different shapes and sizes. And according to tourists,
even different colors, although, I think, this is just a game

Такие icebergи притягивают внимание людей не только своими
forms, but also its mysterious activity: ice blocks can
move here one by one or in groups, while
swing, collide, break, change in this way
their shape, color and more – a real fabulous
action that fascinates and takes somewhere in the world of fantasy. there is
the view that a person can watch the moving
water Так вот это вполне относится и к icebergам, за которыми
you can follow as infinitely, not at all tired of it,
rather the opposite.

Необычный iceberg, который появился здесь не так давно, удивил
even locals who have seen quite a few quirks of all kinds
from these “ice giants”. Красивый iceberg был с отверстием
in the middle and looked like a real crystal palace. It appeared
miracle off the coast of the city with the “wise” naming Upper Amherst Cove
the aforementioned province of Canada. One huge piece of ice,
breakaway from this “crystal palace”, even brought to the shore.
Tourists immediately dubbed the ice gift of the sea – “beauty berg”, where
in the English version of the word iceberg, the first half meaning
�”Ice” was replaced by “beauty.” True, admire this
Crystal beauty did not have long – it is very fast
turned into water …

By the way, let’s say that it is in these parts that everyone swims the most.
icebergов, и именно здесь потерпел крушение в 1912 году легендарный
British transatlantic liner “Titanic”. Today for the data
dangerous sea strictly follows a special service, which,
кстати, отмечает, что icebergов становится год от года все меньше.
Maybe the notorious global warming is to blame? Tourists
who come here every year in order to admire all this
fabulous beauty, just shocked! They assure that not even
the highest quality film, nor any unique photographs will replace
visual perception of this action – movement and constant
the changes of the “ice giants” that seem to be living lords
local marine spaces …

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