The moth-man again terrifies the inhabitantsChicago

Manuel Navarrett, who collects information about observations
for the legendary moth man, reported that he received
A new message. An anonymous witness told the researcher
that on September 12, at about 10 pm, she was returning from
work in Little Village and drove along Millard Avenue in the suburbs
Chicago. According to the woman, she went to a local store, and when
left him, then stumbled upon a famous monster.

At first the American took him for a tall man dressed in
long cloak When she came a little closer, I realized that
it was not a cloak, but dark wings. Eyes of a stranger while
burned with orange light. But for some reason, our heroine is again not
suspected something was wrong, finding that a large owl was sitting on the road,
which, because of the perspective, seems to her in the dark two meters. how
It is not difficult to guess, an eyewitness soon realized that she was mistaken.

Approaching a mysterious creature some more, witness
suddenly realized that this is a tall anthropomorphic monster with
giant wings. The woman stood on the sidewalk, rooted to the spot, not
having the courage to run away or at least go back. Moth man
suddenly began to make an ominous chirping sound and drill
an American with his glowing eyes. Our heroine decided it was
the devil himself, and began to pray in fear, fearing the worst,
however, in her heart hoping that prayer would protect her from this devil.

And after a couple of minutes the monster screamed shrilly,
abruptly jumped off and flew towards the 25th
West Street. Shocked woman, a little coming to himself, still on cotton
from fear legs walked home. There she closed on two locks
the front door curtain all the curtains and burst into tears. Already passed
a week since she met The Moth Man, however she
it still seems that he can find her on the trail and carry her along.
After all, even the police will be powerless in front of a huge monster carrying
man through the air to his lair.

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