The moth-man does not leave Chicago

The Explorer of the Mysterious Man-moth Manuel Navaretta
came to the conclusion that a terrible creature, for several months now
terrorizing the people of chicago is not going to leave this

Recently, the scientist received new information about this mystical
cryptide. This time, the Mothman appeared in Chicago’s south
Pitrouse Park. This is how one of the meetings with this monster described

My friend and I were sitting in the car when suddenly something hit her in
rear hood. It seemed very strange to us, because
there were simply no other cars, and a car pulling up from behind
Must first illuminate the interior of our car headlights. Finally, we could
hear the noise of the engine, and here, as if someone specially crept and
purposely hit our car. John cursed and took hold of the pen.
the doors to get out of the car and see what happened, how
all of a sudden … something huge came down on the hood, so much so that
the car already slipped. The very next moment we both realized that
the creature attacked us – Man-moth. These wings are flying like
mice, red eyes and fantastic monster size (at least two
meters tall) immediately reminded us of the mysterious stories

And although, according to researcher Manuel Navarrete, this
the monster hasn’t made a good impression on anyone yet, only
scared – and his appearance, and his terrible cries, this time
The moth-man showed a clear attitude towards young people.
aggression. He literally began to break into the cabin of their car, trying
smash the windshield. Fortunately, the driver guessed
lantern and illuminate them kriptida, directing the beam directly into his eyes.
After that, the moth-man broke from the hood, uttering a terrible
yell, and flew away.

Young people, to the satisfaction of Manuel, found his phone and
told him this terrible story, however, as in other cases,
asking not to call their true names.

People are afraid to seem ridiculous or even crazy
explains Navarreta, and therefore do not want publicity, and at the same time,
faced with similar mysticism, they are in such shock from
whom you want to get rid of, by sharing what you see with who you are
can believe one hundred percent. I am just such a gracious listener, but
therefore, victims of the Mothman “flock”, sorry for
a pun, to me. And thank God…

Manuel Navarrete believes that this is not the last meeting.
residents of Chicago with a mysterious cryptoid, which, apparently, is not
is going to fly away from the city: something Chicago liked him, or
this metropolis is a portal that connects ours and the world of such
monsters. If the latter is true, then mothman may not be
the only mystical being that scares the Americans though
�“Wormholes”, the researcher says, for reasons unknown to us
can only be used by individual representatives of other worlds. Otherwise
they would easily rush in here in droves, and it’s unclear what else
it came out of it …

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