The movement of the “cursed” Scottish doll againrecorded on video

Last month, we wrote about Scottish charity
a store that received several donations
boxes with old toys and found in one of them a rag
a doll without an eye.

The store employee then laid the toys on the shelves, however
when he left, the one-eyed doll was on the floor. The man
hoisted the item back, but he soon fell down again. Suspecting
wrong, our hero left a smartphone near the toy and left
the room. The camera of the gadget unexpectedly captured how the doll moves
hand and turns a little to the side and then probably
overturns cell to the side.

It is reported that a week ago, the doll found new owners,
interested in her supposed supernatural
properties. These Scots went even further: they set near
Mysterious toy camera around the clock watching him. And so
a few days later the video below was received.

It clearly shows how the “damn” rag doll moves
by hands. In addition, in spontaneous movement in space
two more children’s cubes come near her. Course takes place
skepticism of some web habitues who believe that the doll
set in motion by some mechanism on her back. But such vom
unbelievers are relatively few.

Most users think it’s a real mystic,
since several doll owners are already behind this whole story:
they will not negotiate, weave such a complex relationship
among themselves only to fool the web users
the Internet. All this is usually done more easily and more primitively.
Moreover, there are quite a few “living” dolls in the world. About it
quite a lot of evidence that is recorded in the stories
eyewitnesses, when there was no video yet. But the video appeared
(almost everyone in your pocket, in the house, in the store), and that,
now mystical dolls immediately disappeared and were left alone
jokers? ..

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