The murder of Denis Tena – news of the investigation thathappened

The murder of Denis Tena - news of the investigation that happened

In the southern capital of Kazakhstan continue to investigate the shocking
killings of five-time national champion and bronze medalist
Olympics 2014 figure skater Denis Tena. Two guys involved
athlete killing set. One of them – Nurali Kiyasov –
arrested and today participated in an investigative experiment on the spot
of crime.

Kiyasov is 24 years old. A young man who is fond of MMA, boxing and
other martial arts, in the field of view of the local police have
got into

Last January, Nurali, being in a state of alcoholic
intoxication, riding a “Mazda 626” in the village of Merke. For this court of his
subsequently deprived of a driver’s license for three years. But unhealthy
interest in cars at Kiyasov not disappeared. Already in February 2017 he
robbed the car “Audi 80” in the Merke area. He broke the window
front door and pulled out a dvd player and tape recorder, on top of that
the offender grabbed the battery from the hood. Total damage estimated at
24 thousand tenge.

A few days later, Kiyasov robbed another car – this time
“six”. Все happened неподалеку от места первой кражи. Production
similar – radio and battery, all by 20 thousand tenge.

Then the thief was detained, at the trial he admitted everything and even made up with
victims, compensating them for the damage.

Back in the “track record” of Kiyasov’s lawsuit from microcredit
organizations of the Merkensky district, in which he has delayed payment
loan for 200 thousand tenge. As of September 2017, his debt
amounted to about 144 thousand tenge, the court ruled that Kiyasov should
to return them.

Last October, Nurali moved to Almaty – and on the 17th
He is caught behind the wheel of a car with fake numbers. Punishment – fine
in the amount of 45 380 tenge. However, in the future inexperienced avtovoru
managed to avoid meetings with the police.

July 19, he again decided to go to work with a friend Arman
Kudaibergenov – they tried to remove the mirror from the “Lexus” Denis

The skater found his comrades at the crime scene and tried
to drive them away from the car, for which he received a stab in the thigh.

Eyewitnesses called an ambulance, but Tena could not be saved, he
died in intensive care.

Criminals installed quickly, they hit the surveillance cameras
on the streets and, because the security officials are familiar with their past affairs,
find out the identity of the killers was not difficult.

Arman Kudaibergenov – he is also 24 – now the whole police are looking for
Alma-Ata. The case is under control of the President of Kazakhstan
Nursultan Nazarbayev.

– Now interrogated relatives and friend Arman, who
can tell where he can be, – dry comment
searches in the police of Kazakhstan.

Residents of Almaty and the fans of the athlete still can not
believe in what happened. People “attacked” the pages of suspects in
social network “Vkontakte”. They curse them and thirst

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