The mysterious arc originated in the sky aboveCanada

Professional photographer Alan Dyer managed to capture
a striking atmospheric phenomenon that he cannot find
clear scientific explanation.

In the Canadian province of Alberta, a strong one was observed
geomagnetic storm, and the man, having seized his camera, went to
nature to take pictures. There he, unexpectedly, saw a huge
an arc of purple light stretching across the sky.

According to the author of the snapshot, at about 10:45 pm he witnessed
appearance of the mysterious celestial arch, and after about 20 minutes
evening sky returned to its former form. It is noteworthy that
similar beauty in Canada was observed earlier. Maybe it is so
called “steve”, which we wrote about in April. �”Steve” today
called a rare and little-studied phenomenon in the form of purple-green
sky ribbon.

Over the years, these arches, arising during the polar
auroras, dubbed “proton arcs.” However, scientists
determined that they have nothing to do with protons. It,
rather, the gas floating through the sky at a speed of 6-10 kilometers in
give me a sec. However, where does it come from, people of science cannot yet
to tell.

It is noteworthy that в начале этого года через одну из таких дуг
flying at an altitude of 300 kilometers European Space Satellite
agencies. The sensors of the device then detected a temperature rise.
at 3,000 degrees Celsius – that’s what it is “heavenly

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