The mysterious black hemisphere appeared in the sky aboveBrazil

October 3 this year, residents of the Brazilian municipality
Itaara, Rio Grande do Sul, witnessed the unusual
phenomena. In the stormy sky over the city, a mysterious
black object, resembling a large hemisphere.

The picture presented was taken by a local photographer who does not
I was too lazy to run home for a professional camera. The man
claims that he did not process the image in any way and left
its in its original form.

Of course, when the mysterious frame hit the World Wide Web,
many web users began to guess what was on it
is depicted.

Some believe that the legendary planet Nibiru has approached
finally to Earth. For others, it’s about aircraft
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Still others talk about failing in
�”Matrix” or rupture of the space-time continuum. what
concerns skeptics, they argue that we face some kind of
rare atmospheric phenomenon. Alas, which one, materialists are not
can explain. Perhaps, in their opinion, the first of its kind,
seen by man since nature is the biggest mystery for

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