The mysterious blue fire rose above the “Zone51 ”

In the hands of foreign ufologists got very curious material,
theoretically capable of becoming a real sensation. UFO Researchers
and extraterrestrial civilizations from the community “Ovnis vs Ufos” claim
that an eyewitness captured an amazing event on video
happened a few nights ago in the territory of the legendary
военно-воздушной базы «Зона 51 ” в штате Невада.

It is possible that an anonymous statement serves on this object.
where, according to urban legends, the military studied in the 40s and 50s
years of the wreckage of an alien aircraft, as well as its remains
the pilot. Some conspiracy therapists go further and argue that
Americans created on the basis of the extraterrestrial technology
own aircraft, surpassing any other

Anyway, the video below shows something
really unusual. Turning it on, you can see a large
An object that often blinks in bright blue. UFO rises above
land begins to fly sideways, after which lightning rushes at
the opposite side and disappears their field of view camera. Speed
Moving the device at the end of the video is truly impressive.

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