The mysterious disappearance of newlyweds in the LairThe devil

The Bermuda Triangle as it is not called, but, probably,
the most appropriate name for this mysterious place in the ocean –
Логово The devil, поскольку как бесследно пропадали в нем корабли и
airplanes, so it still goes on.

И последней жертвой Логова The devil стала пара молодоженов из
Texas, which signed in September of this year and immediately flew away
to the Bahamas – to spend your honeymoon.

First Donna and Forrest Sacco made it to Fort Worth, where
They were waiting for a private plane, as they say, fully armed – well
Proven and filled with fuel for one hundred percent. Therefore in love
the pair flew to Eleuthera without any problems, where
landed safely on September 25th.

Having refueled, the Sacco couple went to the next island –
Rum Kay No one else saw them. Whole week newlyweds not
neither relatives nor friends made themselves felt, but no one
caused no suspicion, since such disorder was in
Forrest’s character. Moreover, it was his honeymoon, people in
this time is crazy with happiness, and they, as they say, have no business
to one person in the whole wide world.

Влюбленные, бойтесь Логова The devil!

But when the honeymoon was over, but the Sacco couple never
returned from her journey and did not send a single news and
Further, relatives and relatives began to worry. And the search began,
who have not yet succeeded.

It turned out that Forrest Sacco’s private jet is like
dissolved in the air. He was well remembered on Eleuthera,
there were even people who spent him looking at the background
boundless sky and boundless water. But on the island of Rom Cay
the plane never showed up. And the weather was sunny that day
and favorable for flight, nothing foreshadowed the accident, at least
least, those who conducted Forrest Sacco at that
ill-fated flight.

Note that the Bahamas authorities reacted coolly to this case,
not even offered assistance in finding the missing newlyweds. For them
it’s a common thing, for example, this year in the Bermuda Triangle
two pairs of Americans have disappeared. Both in and in this
case – not only the missing people themselves were discovered, but even traces of them
airplanes (not a single wreck, if you write off for an accident).

Donna’s parents even turned to psychic. The sorcerer answer them
reassured and simultaneously struck to the depths of the soul: the newlyweds are alive,
but they are … in the fog. What does it mean? And will Donna and Forrest return
Sakko from this mist ever? Here it is really – Lair
The devil!

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