The mysterious fire in the sky was divided into several�”Tailed” balls

The following video was obtained on June 1 of this
years in the American city of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Local
residents and visitors witnessed a striking phenomenon: in
the night sky suddenly caught fire a mysterious fire that soon
разделился на пять �”Tailed” balls, продолживших движение по
black sky, each in its own direction.

According to eyewitnesses, these balls behaved consciously, as if
sentient beings, and inspired by observers some kind of mystical
fear. Although the opinions of people, as then the user of the World
cobwebs, divided:

  • Of course, many immediately thought that these unidentified
    Flying objects are alien aircraft. Surprised and
    another scarecrow – why are they conducting their behavior so “aggressively”, as if
    terrestrial aircraft before the attack;
  • according to others, these are energy entities from
    of a different dimension, which for some unknown reason broke through into our
    world. And although they behave quite reasonably, it is completely alien
    us “life”, which can contact us except on
    subconscious level;
  • the most pious people will certainly think of a religious miracle,
    or even a warning in mind of the approaching Apocalypse;
  • materialists, of course, believe that this is a natural phenomenon,
    perhaps very rare, but what to be surprised when our planet
    is about to change the pole and the devil knows what is happening on it.
    However, even hardened skeptics admit that we have
    There can be fireworks, drones or Chinese lanterns.

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