The mysterious game of hide and seek, started by manyyears ago, still terrifies Russians

Many probably know what supernatural horrors await
man in this world. However, not only the formidable infernal evil
able to bring any of us to the thrill. Sometimes something mystical
and the frightening happens right in the midst of everyday life, in everyday life, where
expect it the least. And read about such cases at least
interesting and scary. For example, in this creepy story
will talk about the “normal” children’s hide-and-seek game that started many
years ago and may not have ended so far. She told
users of the World Wide Web some Russian. Call it
By Paul.

Paul says that in early childhood one of his favorites
entertainment was hide and seek with the father. When the evening began, man
I took my son from kindergarten and played back for a while
with him until the boy’s mother also came home from work. Lived this
family in a two-room apartment in the house of Khrushchev building.
Despite such a limited space, the father sometimes hid
very creative, and the child could not find him without a hint. AT
In such cases, the man began to cough softly to give his little son
a tip. Our hero walked carefully at the sound, and his father every time with
screaming out of his cover for a second or two scaring
toddler. The boy laughed with delight of instant fear, invariably
asking the parent to repeat the game.

Mystical disappearance of Russians

AT один из таких вечеров только-только начали сгущаться сумерки,
and the light has not yet been lit. The man told his son that this time
hide as good as never before, and therefore find
it will be very difficult. Pavel went out into the hallway, faced his face
the front door, counted to ten and began to search. Later
for some time the boy realized that something was wrong. Father is not all
was, although the little driver had searched the entire apartment.
There was no habitual coughing either: neither from the rooms, nor from
kitchen, or from the bathroom, or from the pantry. The child got scared and started
to call the father, but he never appeared.

When the mother returned, the bawled Paul told her about
what happened. At first she didn’t believe it and inspected it herself.
an apartment, then a long time vypytyvala his son, where zapropastilsya him
father. Late in the evening it became clear to the woman that her husband had disappeared. She is,
naturally, she turned to the police. Law enforcers conducted
The investigation, however, did not find any traces of the abduction. AT итоге
the guardians of the law concluded that the man had escaped from the family, and stopped
his searches However, this is strange: Pavel’s father did not take with him
clothes, no money, no documents. He didn’t even take the keys, although when
the boy’s mother came home, the door was closed. ATыпрыгнуть из окна
the fourth floor and calmly go away undressed, the missing one clearly could not.
It seemed that he simply disappeared into the apartment.

Hiding with father is not over yet?

This happened more than fifteen years ago. Paul inherited those
most apartments in Khrushchev and now live alone. He, his mother, everything
relatives and associates decided long ago that a disreputable father
our hero left his family, very cleverly imitated his
mystical disappearance (apparently, seriously preparing to escape).
It would seem the story is over, right? Recently, however
Paul was inclined to believe that his father … is still here in
apartment. The fact is that when it starts to get dark and turn on the light
still early in, there is a quiet, feigned cough, very
similar to what the boy heard here as a child. Paul is afraid
that one day, out of the closet or out of bed, suddenly jump out with a cry
his father, not aged for a minute. Or something in this
the case will be pretending to be his father …

Some regulars of the Runet reacted to this story with
irony. Say, our hero’s dad decided to finally show up,
when sonny came of age, and now there is no need
pay child support. However, most commentators turned out to be
quite intrigued by this mysterious story, from which on the back
runs through the chill. Someone says that the Russian father was able
move in parallel worlds and imprudently used this
ability during being buried with his son until he was stuck in another
measurement. Others believe that some otherworldly essence dragged
then a man to himself and now trying to get to his son. By
third, Paul is merely experiencing auditory hallucinations,
being in the place that brought him so much unpleasant
of memories.

Finally we give another, very interesting addition to this
the story of a certain Alexei:

My father and I also played hide-and-seek, exactly also at dusk,
waiting for the mother from work, it just happened in a private house on
ATладимирщине. My father also scared me by jumping out of his hiding place,
and when I was hiding, I didn’t find it deliberately for a long time, starting as horrible
voice tell all sorts of horror stories, why I finally myself
crawled out from under the bed or from the chiffonier, because it was there to sit
already creepy. And so I once hid in a wardrobe between clothes and with
I began to look forward to when my father would start scaring me (from this
it was scary and somehow sweet at the same time), but for some reason
This time I walked quietly and didn’t even say anything, and then I left
another room and calmed down. And I quietly fell asleep in that linen closet.
Mother woke me up, scolded me for hiding and scaring her before
death: she said the whole house had already searched, already wanted to run to the neighbors.
And when I told her about hide-and-seek with her father, she was long on me
She looked strangely, and then sighed heavily: “With which father,
he died when you were still wrapped in diapers. “

So I did not see my father any more, except for his photographs and
graveyards in the local churchyard. Byхоже, что шифоньер был с сюрпризом. I
then a thousand times (if not more) deliberately hid in him in
hope that my father will return (or rather, that I will return to that
a world where he is alive), but I never managed to change anything …

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