The mysterious guest visited the Americans,Celebrating Christmas

The video below, which had time to make a lot on the Web
Noise, was posted on the MountainBeastMysteries YouTube channel,
dedicated to the search for mysterious creatures, in particular the famous

It is reported that this video recently got somewhere on
North American Minnesota.

Frames demonstrate the usual family gathered near
Christmas tree: someone obviously started the winter holidays
too early, however, this is a common occurrence for December. Wherein
vacationers did not even guess that the “Christmas tree”
will present them a real surprise: Americans will have to face
that evening with something really inexplicably fabulous.

At some point, the woman who is filming this festival (as
today without it?) accidentally directs the camcorder lens to
window. Outside is tall and shaggy humanoid
figure walking through the snow-covered garden on his hind legs. When
surprised Americans rush out, then notice that the giant
hastily goes to the side of the forest, which was not far from their

The dog of our heroes rushes after the monster with a loud bark, however
immediately comes back, not wanting, apparently, to join the fight
with such a strong opponent. A dark stranger looks from afar like
well-known bigfoot silhouette, so many
Network users, there is no doubt that this family’s home has approached
the legendary relic hominid, especially as large monkeys in
this area is not found, but this creature clearly does not pull on a bear.
Do not wander bears on their hind legs …

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