The mysterious ice block fell from the sky inScotland

Residents of the Scottish village of Busby in East Renfrewshire district were
shocked when, on the morning of September 26, their area fell from the sky
a huge ice block, forming a massive crater in the garden.

The Hellivell family calmly had breakfast when heard outside
a loud whistle, replaced by a deafening explosion from which
The windows shivered. When the Scots looked out into the garden, they saw
there is a half meter funnel filled with white “stones”.

Just leaving the house and examining the suddenly formed pit, the owners
realized that it was not any stones, but large pieces of ice.
Spouses Ross and Lindsay were both scared and thankful
fate for the fact that outside at the time of the fall of the block was not their
daughters Eliza and Nuala. Whether it was a weekend, and the girls would play in the morning
early in the garden, and not going to school, and end it all
could be quite tragic. However, despite the fact that misfortune
bypassed the seven side
Explanation to the staff of the nearest meteorological station.

Experts have suggested that the ice could fall from
the aircraft. Say, when the airplane is at a high altitude, on
its hull may be frozen in ice that will fall down when
lowering the aircraft in warmer air layers. None
however, this explanation can hardly be considered truthful one by one.
simple reason: the same giant ice falls from the sky
многих частях земли еще задолго до изобретения первого the aircraft.
Moreover, the pilots themselves and the creators of the aircraft categorically
deny this possibility. One explanation remains –
aliens …

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