The mysterious incident occurred in the Canadian shoppingcenter

Police of the Canadian city of Calgary (Alberta)
investigates the mysterious death of a man whose body was discovered on
днях… в стене женского туалета в торговом center. Local
law enforcement officers can not figure out how it is there

The remains of an unknown man were discovered by a repairman,
who was asked to repair one of the toilets in the ladies’ room.
The worker had to disassemble the wall, and then he did this creepy
opening. It turned out that it was the corpse that interfered with the work of the drain

At first, the guardians of the law suggested that a man climbed into
ventilation system and fell down, breaking his neck. However,
Later it turned out that this was simply not possible. how
will he find himself here then? It is unlikely that someone would be able to quietly hide
в торговом center труп, замуровав его в стену, да еще туалета,
which is constantly in demand.

Some World Wide Web users suggest that the body
teleported here or even moved from parallel
reality. Others believe that the corpse of a mysterious individual fell
into the wall still during the construction of the building and for some reason
decomposed extremely slowly, which is also more like
fiction than on reality. In general, the mystery of the century, when
researchers shrug their shoulders in perplexity, and criminologists in
surprise shrug …

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