The mysterious “leg of the giant” was not at allwhat was supposed

Older spouses Marley and Paulo Kikuinela from the Brazilian city
Meleira, Santa Catarina, was very puzzled when
dug up in their garden something resembling in appearance
8 kg human leg. Brazilians surprise easily
understand: the mysterious object looks exactly like a huge foot with
five fingers of appropriate proportions. At first, retired even
thought to have discovered the mummified part of the body of some
ancient giant.

However, in actual fact the mysterious discovery turned out to be only
only a giant potato that took such a bizarre form.
�The “foot” is even covered with thin roots that look like hair. By
According to the couple, she has been growing near her home for over six years.
potatoes, however Quikuinela have never met before
like that. Spouses claim they feel sorry for them
amazing tuber in food, so they decided to transfer it to
Potato Museum in Florianópolis.

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