The mysterious mummy “leprechaun” lost in personalcollections

Are there really leprechauns – small
wizards from the traditions of Irish folklore, however, in the United
States in 1932, the mummy of man was discovered to be no more than
45 centimeters.

It happened in the mountains of San Pedro, Wyoming. Gold miners
Frank Carr and Cecil Mine searched for gold with explosives.
vein, and came across a stone room in which there was
tiny human mummy.

As soon as the find became the subject of publicity, it was immediately taken up
scientists, however, at first they thought it was just a doll. AND
it was only in 1950 that the mummy was first examined by
X-rays, as a result of which it was determined that it
still a skeleton, and a humanoid. Broken bones in the field
spine and clavicle allowed even to conclude that
the creature was slain.

ANDсследование загадочной мумии продолжались и позже. For example, her
The anthropologist of the University of Wyoming, George Gill, who
I thought it was the body of a child-anacephalus. Radiocarbon analysis
showed that this child was born before 1700, and DNA testing
revealed that he was an Indian. In addition, scientists also suspected
that the mummy might just be a hoax. ANDменно обо всем этом шли
the debate of scientists, which are described in the article of the newspaper Casper Star-Tribune
on July 7, 1979. Scientists, apparently, did not come to
consensus, what is the found mummy, which
it could well be the mummy of a leprechaun (such an assumption is also not

Later, the mysterious mummy was kept for several years in a local
the pharmacy of Mitits, Wyoming, where it was shown
buyers as an amazing wonder. But soon the mummy was
продана бизнесмену из города Каспер ANDэну Гудмену, который
resold her rich New York from Leonard Wadler – on this traces
the mysterious discoveries of two miners are lost.

AND хотя потом, как пишет издательство Casper Star-Tribune, была
even announced a reward of 10 thousand dollars for the provision of “mummies
leprechaun “for further scientific research, is still not
one collector did not respond to this call. So it remains
the secret of what this mysterious find was, the mummy
a mystical creature who, we note, was carefully hidden in
mountains in a stone crypt specially created for her …

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