The mysterious phenomenon of the Atlantic coastOf america

Water disappears in the Atlantic Ocean. This mysterious phenomenon
observed on the east coast of the Americas with
August of this year.

Scientists explain all this with a series of devastating
hurricanes such as IRMA, which literally “dragged” water from
Bahamas and other beaches. However, some researchers
natural phenomena do not quite agree with this statement because
today the water disappears on the atlantic coast of Brazil and
Uruguay, where there were no hurricanes, and this is not the first
the case of such a mysterious lowering of sea level.

The video presented shows how water
retreats along all the Brazilian beaches of Guaratuba. Men in
perplexed, since there are no storms and storms in the last
time was not observed, as well as other phenomena, such as tsunamis,
who could somehow explain the loss of ocean water.
Most likely, the researchers say, there are some other
the reasons for such a strange phenomenon when the water goes all over
the coast of the Americas, but for good reason
scientists don’t know that.

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