The mysterious “tree Elmo” found in the Americanthe forest

Remember Elmo – the cheerful hero of the popular doll show
�”Sesame Street”? Elmo is a fluffy red creature with an orange
nose and big eyes. Group of american travelers from
Plymouth, Massachusetts, recently recalled this
the character when she went on a hike out of town and unexpectedly
наткнулась в the forest на загадочную сосну. She was hung with several
dozens of Elmo dolls and looked quite surreal.

Someone has attached numerous soft toys to the trunk and
laid out the ground around the tree. Some of these dolls are just
stuffed with cotton, others have electronics inside and laugh, reacting
on touch. Of course, the authors of the discovery immediately set
many questions. Who left all these toys? For what purpose?
Why precisely here, far from civilization? Where unknown
did the individual or individuals take so many elmo dolls? Did they want
to find a pine? This is some kind of joke, fun or some kind of modern
magic rite?

  • Some World Wide Web users suggest that speech
    about a kind of memorial in honor of 33-year-old Mary Masters,
    которую убили в этом the forest в 1977 году, или 15-летней Трейси Гилпин,
    awarded the same unenviable fate in 1986. Who knows,
    maybe the soul of Gilpin appeared to the author of this riddle in a dream and asked
    выполнить ее необычную просьбу – создать в the forest мистическую
    composition of dolls.
  • In the opinion of the other network regulars, the tree must have stuck
    toys some joker whose sole purpose was
    act out random travelers who find themselves here during
    hikes. It is possible that somewhere nearby is also installed
    video camera that shoots surprised tourists.
  • However, others say, no one will spend on
    jokes so much strength, imagination and money, but because it is still more
    seems like some kind of ritual or rite. Of course, all this is strange from the point
    view even magic, but in our time what miracles not only
    is found (not exposed on the Internet), remember, to
    For example, the island of the dead dolls.

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