The mystery of an abandoned “Boeing”

On the island of Bali in Indonesia, where did the passenger come from?
Airbus Boeing 737. It stands on the edge of the forest five minutes from the beach
Pandava and parked almost close to the rather lively

The first and most natural assumption made
journalists, the airliner is delivered here to get attention
tourists. However, the territory where the mysterious plane is located
guarded, so even the most meticulous adventure seekers are not
can find out nothing significant, why they can only
shrug yes share on internet

A “Boeing” without tail numbers and emblems, meanwhile, overgrown
lush vegetation of the fertile land of the Lesser Sunda Islands.
According to visitors of the tourist Instagram page
@wejusttravel, the airbus has been here for about three months, but local
residents can not say with accuracy when he appeared and in general
where it came from – transporting it to its present location
Nobody seemed to be basing it.

In turn, the magazine MAXIM, publishing a photo essay on the spot
�”Events”, put forward his version of what is happening: we just
alien spacecraft disguised as a Boeing 737.
It is protected, most likely, by the aliens, which is why
no one can get close to the plane – even at night, just like
find out anything worthwhile for the press. Why do the authorities of the province of Bali
Does not react to it in any way – too it is clear. Such written off
dozens of passenger planes in the world, many of them are adapted
under exotic restaurants, houses, mini-hotels and so on. Even on
Bali Island in Kedongan near the network store Dunkin ‘Donuts
You can find a second similar abandoned “Boeing”, which, however,
также вызывает недоумение у местных жителей и tourists. But at least there
everything is transparent …

The mysterious liner near the beach of Pandava is interesting for its main
zest – he appeared here, as if by magic.
And it’s not even so important that none of the locals saw how
they brought him here, no one remembers when? Here’s what

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