The mystery of the “ancient smartphone” finallysolved?

Last December, the World Wide Web flew around potentially
sensational news of an astounding find made
Austrian archaeologists around the city of Salzburg.

�“Scientists have discovered a 13th century mobile phone!” Wrote
journalists from all over the world. Even the most reputable
British tabloids reported that an ancient clay artifact, outside
any doubt, surprisingly similar to the cellular brand
�”Nokia”, and this puts eminent scientists at a dead end.

Many alternative researchers and ordinary users
The Internet has concluded that the alleged inappropriate artifact
is proof of existence is not that aliens, not that
time travelers. According to one theory, representatives
some kind of extraterrestrial civilization profits in the Middle Ages on our
the planet and showed people the real smartphone
amazed earthlings made a copy of it from scrap materials.
Another version says that today or in the future someone has done
a replica of the indispensable gadget and sent it to the past.

However, now the origin of the “ancient cell phone” has received
quite rational explanation. It turned out that the fault was German
sculptor Karl Weingartner, who created in 2012 several
cell phones of clay and inscribed on their buttons Sumerian
cuneiform. According to the artist, this was done for the purpose of
dream up how mobile gadgets invented would look
Sumerian civilization.

However, even with such an explanation, there remain several
questions. For example, why Weingartner was silent all this time?
Surely neither he nor the people from his circle saw the sensational
news on the web? Where are the other copies made by the joker-sculptor? AND
Was the clay product excavated in Austria? If a
so how did it get there? ANDли это была чья-то газетная утка,
которую охотно подхватили многие мировые СМAND?

Some conspiracy theorists, by the way, still believe that speech
It is about this inappropriate artifact, and the German sculptor,
Say, simply helps the powerful of the world hide the real
information about the abnormal find. This is quite serious
arguments. First, the artifact, as scientists then determined, was 13
century, but otherwise no one would have made a noise: think some
modern clay toy. Is the usual sculptor Carl
Weingartner managed not only to create a replica, but also to age it on
eight centuries? Secondly, if it was just a newspaper duck, then
why should serious sculptor Carl Weingartner dirty in this
dirty underwear your honest name? ..

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