The mystery of the “jumping church” in Ireland so farnot solved

One of the most interesting and unusual mysteries of Ireland
is the so-called “jumping church” in the village

From the former religious buildings remained, prada, only ruins, and
now here stands a single piece of wall that
reverently styled “jumping wall.” It is alleged that with
the moment of construction, the church mysteriously moved to
side by a meter, and with its foundation.

This legend dates back to 1715, when local
the priests surprisingly documented the abnormal behavior
the buildings. But despite such an inexplicable paranormal,
For some reason, the mysterious place never inspired fear in anyone.
On the contrary, the strange temple always attracted believers and even simply
curious, and today look at the “jumping wall” comes
here are a lot of travelers. The ruins of the church are considered ideal
a place for meditations and reflections on the sublime. On the wall to
the word is a label that briefly tells the story
outlandish structures. Many Irish people firmly believe that
the building moved either on its own or under the influence
some supernatural factors.

One of the legends says that there was once buried here
disgusting person whose actions are simply not served description.
When after some time at the place of burial of this immoral
individual built a church religious building, apparently,
experiencing a tremendous disgust at the tomb of the villain, moved into
side so as not to come into contact with the defiled land. Remains
were on sight, and the villagers were forced to re-bury them in
another place, away from human eyes.

According to another myth, in the autumn of 1715, an unprecedented
a storm, and powerful gusts of wind moved the church a little
east side. Skeptical minds may also suggest that
the culprit 18th century mystifiers who allegedly moved
a building to pass it off as a religious miracle. However, such
The hypothesis does not inspire much confidence. Even nowadays for like
tasks would require a skilled team of workers with
modern and sophisticated machinery that would not remain a mystery for
all others.

In addition, the theory is being advanced that in Milokstown more than three
centuries ago there was a landslide that led to such
amazing result.

Whatever the explanation for this phenomenon – natural,
paranormal, and maybe both, natural beauty
terrain and the spiritual history of the local society make this story
worthy of reflection and attractive to many
curious. Tourists are constantly trying to unravel the mystery.
�“Jumping church”, of which only the “jumping wall” remains,
but all such attempts end in failure, as, for example, until now
пор not solved тайна блуждающих могил. It may also be to
the best …

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