The mystery of the “Lake of fear” in Buryatia

So the locals call Lake Sobolkho (Sable in
common people), which is located, as they say, in one of
God forgotten corners of Buryatia (Eravninsky district, near the village
Blast furnaces), because too often disappear here inexplicable
the way people and livestock …

There are no official data on the number of missing, but there are
tragic stories of residents of the surrounding settlements. Maybe rumors
as often happens, somewhat exaggerated, but the facts
indicate that people are missing at the lake,
like the cattle that wandered here. At the same time find anyone on
the bottom fails, and the bottom itself is also … By the way, the word is translated
�”Sable” literally means “bottomless.”

According to eyewitnesses, even good swimmers start
suddenly fall into the depths of the reservoir, as if someone had grabbed them
for leg and pulls. Often the unfortunate do not even have time to call on
help, so lightning is happening …

Sobolkho is distinguished by another feature, which is confirmed
researchers: pink light spreads over the water in the dark.
Local residents believe that in this way the spirits of drowned
warn about the dangers of the living. Or water play with mermaids,
who are also suspected of treachery here, attributing to them the death
people and animals …

However, scientists explain this phenomenon by refraction in the atmosphere
light and humidity: the lake water contains fluorescent
a substance that, reflected in the smallest air droplets,
colors it in such a specific way …

The mystical depth of Sobolkho attracts researchers to the pond.
and divers. Most likely, the lake has a bottom, however, until it is
found. In general, scientific research here is very dangerous. By
rumor has it that a diver drew a stream of water into an underground funnel and
then from another such funnel he threw ashore on the Vitim River, that
located a few hundred meters from the Sable. The man survived
since he had a supply of oxygen, however, his experience shows how
way, people almost completely drown in the lake …

All these mysterious events give scientists rich food for
reflections. Many of them believe, for example, that the lake is
through and through channels connected to other reservoirs.
Sobolkho is essentially a karst sinkhole, the depth of which
several times the diameter of the lake. A regular water exchange
between the channels and the temperature difference on the surface and in depth
lead to the formation of strong undercurrents in Sobolkho.
Byпавшие в такое течение люди и животные практически обречены, их
delays in depth, which, according to some scientists, can
exceed three hundred meters.

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