The mystery of the mysterious state earthquakeWashington

The US Geological Survey first reported an earthquake in
штате Washington, потом эту информацию по неизвестной причине
deleted. Mistake? Strange in itself, almost unprecedented. But
why are the leading media of the United States while storing the grave

Naturally, all this created in the American blogosphere
certain excitement because there is nothing more attractive for
discussions on the Internet than some secret hidden
by the government. Moreover, we are talking about a serious push, judging by
USGS report, at 2.6 on the Richter scale, which occurred 25
September at 1:46 AM local time 11 kilometers from

If it really was an underground push, then why
the information was soon removed from the site Geological Survey
USA? True, the screenshots of this message, which immediately make
conspiracy, much more difficult to destroy (see photo below). What if
this is not an earthquake, then what?

An earthquake in this area is hard to believe. First, the place
seismically quiet, secondly, the push occurred on the negative
depth, that is, 400 meters above sea level, which is implausible
for a natural phenomenon.

We can also assume that the asteroid just fell there, especially
that the area where the fantastic “earthquake” occurred is quiet,
almost uninhabited (hardly anyone here could remove the falling
meteorite and then posting video on the Internet – on this
there is no hope). But тогда почему молчит об этом НАСА и прочие
space services?

Therefore, it seems the most likely explosion. But что может
to explode in that deep place, wondering tireless
conspiracy researchers? Неужели в штат Washington прилетела
rocket from north korea? It seems the most plausible, however
Why are the media silent about this? ..

More mysterious earthquake in America has not happened yet

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